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Kyokushin Karate

Kyokushin karate is an exciting and effective way to acquire superb physical fitness and self-defence skills.

Built on centuries-old traditions of self-defence, Kyokushin karate was first introduced in Japan by karate and judo master Masutatsu Oyama. Since then, more than 15 million people around the world have taken up the challenge of this exacting discipline.

Kyokushin karate combines the best techniques and styles of Goju karate, judo, Aikido and Chinese and Korean Kenpo. Ideal for people seeking the challenge of competition, it’s also a rewarding personal fitness regime for those who accept its fundamental principle of “learning through hard training”.

So how about trying Kyokushin karate today? You’ll learn to master the skills and movements of one of the world’s most demanding arts – and become fitter, faster and more flexible as a result.

Challenge yourself

Enter the world of Kyokushin karate and you’ll experience a world of challenge – for both your mind and body.

From your very first class as a karateka (student), you’ll learn the key elements of this demanding art, including balance, stretching, co-ordination and self-confidence. You’ll learn essential self-defence skills such as blocking and attacking, and practise with others at your own level and pace.

All you need is comfortable clothing (such as track pants and a t-shirt). If you’d like to join us, just come to Papakuras Cosgrove Primary School hall (Dojo) about 15 minutes before a class. Our instructors will introduce you to the Dojo and our facilities, and let you know what you can expect from the class. They’ll also give you a syllabus and manual to make learning Kyokushin karate as easy as possible.

Of course you’re welcome to watch a class first – our instructors will be happy to answer any questions afterwards.


By sharing knowledge with our members in a safe and supportive learning environment, we will instill a sense of humility, discipline and confidence. Therefore providing a stable foundation for a stronger community.

Dojo Operators Value Proposition:

We are committed to building Kyokushin Karate in New Zealand. As a dojo operator of the NZKOK Inc. you will have the advantage of being connected to a global organisation, dedicated to providing continual support and guidance needed to develop yourself, your dojo and your students.

Student Value Proposition:

Kyokushin Karate will welcome you into a friendly supportive environment. Guiding you on a path to knowledge, challenging you both mentally and physically, enabling you to maximise your full potential.


1. We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm and unshaking spirit.

2. We will pursue the true meaning of the martial way so that in time our senses are alert.

3. With true vigour we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self denial

4. We will observe the rules of courtesy respect our superiors and refrain from violence.

5. We will follow our reliqious principles and never forget the true virtue of humility

6. We will look up towards wisdom and strength not seeking other desires

7. All our lives through the discipline of karate we will seek to fulfil the true meaning of the Kyokushin way


Sosai Oyama, 10th Dan, was the founder of Kyokushin Karate 1923-1994. He started training at Chinese Kempo at the age of nine. When he was 15 years old, he started training in karate under Genchin Funakoshi.

Mas. Oyama trained hard under various teachers and made great progress, becoming a 4th Dan at the age of 22. Two years later, in 1947, he won the All Japan Karate Championship.

In 1948, Mas. Oyama decided to undergo the rigors of training alone in the mountains. This he did on Mt. Kiyosumi in the Chiba Prefecture, where he stayed for 18 months, training daily to strenghthen his body and spirit.

It was in 1950, after returning from the mountains, that Mas. Oyama first started matching his strength against that of a bull. He fought a total of 52 bulls, killing three and breaking the horns off of 40.

In 1954, Mas. Oyama made his first of many visits to North America where he held numerous demonstrations and participated in many fights against boxers and wrestlers. He won all fights he participated in.

In 1954, he opened his first dojo in Tokyo. This dojo was the beginning of the KYOKUSHINKAIKAN. In 1964, the Tokyo Honbu was officially opened and the International Karate Organization-Kyokushinkaikan (I.K.O.K.) was established. Kyokushin Karate today is one of the largest and most famous of all karate styles